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Rabbi Eliezer Greenwald

Assistant Rav Issur V’heter Program, Editor Choshen Mishpat Program

Teacher description

Rabbi Eliezer Greenwald started out in Mesifta Beth Shraga of Monsey, New York, and continued in Yeshivas Mir Yerushalayim under HaRav Asher Arieli shlit”a. In 2009, he moved with his wife and children to Kiryat Sefer. In Kiryat Sefer, he continued his learning in Kollel Toras Avos and Kollel Libo Chofetz, where he gained much of his vast knowledge of Shulchan Aruch and halacha. In 2014, Rabbi Greenwald received Yoreh Yoreh Semicha from the Israeli Rabbanut, later receiving the Rav Ha’ir Semicha. Additionally, Rabbi Greenwald received certification from the Israel Rabbanut as a Kashrus Mashgiach, as well as shimush from Rav Elchonen Peretz and Rav Ofir Malka in Bais Hora’ah Sharai Halacha U’mishpat. He is currently working towards the semicha of Yadin Yadin by studying Chosehn Mishpat. Rabbi Greenwald’s passion for elucidating halacha and his commitment to accomplishment and accuracy in learning has helped bring our Choshen Mishpat shiurim to the high level that they are.