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Harav Aharon Schenkolewski

Rav of Hilchos Issur V’heter, Nidah, Brachos and Yichud

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Harav Ahron Schenkolewski has been teaching a wide range of halachic subjects to talmidim across the world since 2001. He has written shiurim and concise summaries in both English and Hebrew of many subjects, including: Hilchos Issur V’heter, Nida, and Brachos. Born in 1970 in Lakewood, New Jersey, Harav Schenkolewski attended Yeshiva Beth Moshe of Scranton for high school, continued his studies at Ateres Yaakov (headed by Rabbi Nobel of Hewlett, NY) and then attended the Telshe Yeshiva Bais Medrash in Chicago, Illinois. In 1993, he moved to Eretz Yisrael, and has lived there ever since—a zechus for which he is forever grateful. Rav Schenkolewski studied Hilchos Issur V’heter under the tutelage of Rabbi Elimelech Kornfeld, the current Rav of the Gra Shul in Ramat Beit Shemesh. His knowledge was tested by both Rav Moshe Halberstam zt”l, of the Eida Hachareidis, and Rav Zalmen Nechemiah Goldberg, shlit”a. In 1998, the Schenkolewskis moved to Kiryat Sefer, where Rav Schenkolewski learned Hilchos Nida under Rabbi Yisroel Zicherman shlit”a, Rav of Achuzas Brachfeld. He was then tested by the esteemed Rav Nissim Karelitz shlit”a. Since 2009, Rav Schenkolewski has been learning and reviewing Hilchos Nida, Yichud, Hagalas Kailim, Pesach, and Issur V’heter by attending the weekly shiurim of Harav Shlomo Zalman Ulman, the Av Bais Din of Kiryat Sefer.

Harav Dovid Ostroff

Rav of Hilchos Shabbos and Eiruvin

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Harav Dovid Ostroff, born in Johannesburg, South Africa, has been teaching Hilchos Shabbos to people all over the world since 2001. He spent his yeshiva years in Yeshivas Kol Torah under the leadership of Hagaon Rav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach zt”l, with whom he had a very close relationship. Harav Ostroff learned in Kollel for an impressive total of eighteen years, delving intensely into the limud of halacha all the while. After over 10 years of study in Rav Ezriel Auerbach’s kollel, Harav Dovid was tested on Hilchos Shabbos by both Rav Stern of Bnei Brak and the Rabbanut. Rav Ostroff learned Hilchos Nidah in Kollel Ner Yisrael (Bayit Vegan, Yerushalayim) for two years and was tested by Hagaon Rav Moshe Halberstam zt”l and the Rabbanut. He served apprenticeships under Rav Menachem Mendel Fuchs (Ramot, Yerushalayim) followed by Rav Vozner’s Bais Hora’ah (Bnei Brak) for three years, after which Hagaon Harav Sternbuch, shlit”a granted Rav Ostroff the heter hora’ah to pasken shailos. To this day, Harav Dovid learns b’chavrusa with Rav Ezriel Auerbach (which he has done since 1994). Since 1996, he also serves as a Moreh Hora’ah under the auspices of Rav Sternbuch, shlit”a. Rav Ostroff has taught a wide range of shiurim in Yerushalyim for many years, and for over 30 years he has been lecturing at girls’ seminaries, including Bnos Sarah, Neve Yerushalayim and Ma’alot. Harav Ostroff currently teaches at and is co-principal of the Me’ohr Seminary.

Dayan Yitzchok Tzvi Oshinsky

Rav of Choshen Mishpat, Kiddushin, Aveilus

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Dayan Yitzchak Oshinsky has served on the Bais Din Harabani in Haifa since 2007. He was appointed as its Av Bais Din in 2015. Dayan Oshinsky learned in the Chevron Yeshiva under Hagaon Harav Simcha Zissel Broide zt”l, Hagoan Rav Dovid Cohen shlit”a, and Hagaon Rav Avraham Farbshtein zt”l, with whom he had a weekly chavrusa. Dayan Oshinsky learned Rabbanus and Dayanus at Nishmas Yisrael (Bayit Vegan, Yerushalayim) under Hagaon Harav Avraham Cohen shlit”a. He then received semicha from Harav Yitzchok Kulitz zt”l, Harav Zalman Nechemiah Goldberg shlit”a, Mifal Hashas, and the Israeli Rabbanut. Dayan Oshinsky was granted Yadin Yadin from the Israeli Rabbanut. Dayan Oshinsky, currently resides in Bayit Vegan, Yerushalayim, and has published many seforim, including Orchos Mishpat, Hilchos Aveilus, Oros Mishpat and B’asher Hu Sham.

Rabbi Eliezer Greenwald

Assistant Rav Issur V’heter Program, Editor Choshen Mishpat Program

Course description

Rabbi Eliezer Greenwald started out in Mesifta Beth Shraga of Monsey, New York, and continued in Yeshivas Mir Yerushalayim under HaRav Asher Arieli shlit”a. In 2009, he moved with his wife and children to Kiryat Sefer. In Kiryat Sefer, he continued his learning in Kollel Toras Avos and Kollel Libo Chofetz, where he gained much of his vast knowledge of Shulchan Aruch and halacha. In 2014, Rabbi Greenwald received Yoreh Yoreh Semicha from the Israeli Rabbanut, later receiving the Rav Ha’ir Semicha. Additionally, Rabbi Greenwald received certification from the Israel Rabbanut as a Kashrus Mashgiach, as well as shimush from Rav Elchonen Peretz and Rav Ofir Malka in Bais Hora’ah Sharai Halacha U’mishpat. He is currently working towards the semicha of Yadin Yadin by studying Chosehn Mishpat. Rabbi Greenwald’s passion for elucidating halacha and his commitment to accomplishment and accuracy in learning has helped bring our Choshen Mishpat shiurim to the high level that they are.