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Yeshivas Iyun Halacha is a revolutionary learning program specially designed for those striving to learn halacha in depth, gain practical knowledge in halacha, and most importantly, who wish to retain what they have learned while developing relationships with the Yeshiva’s rabbonim in Eretz Yisrael and like-minded individuals across the globe.

With an approach that stresses a kavua seder and attainable iyun, talmidim are provided with in-depth written english shiurim that track primary sources from the gemora through relevant meforshim, including:


bulletShulchan Aruch


bulletMishna Brurah

bulletHalacha l’ma’aseh


Understanding the unique needs of such individuals, Iyun Halacha’s schedule respects both time and availability.  There will be 6-8 shiurim sent out monthly by E-mail, depending on the depth of the sugya, allowing for flexibility of sedarim.   Chazara is a critical element of the program, combining various methodologies so what is learned is retained.  Finally, talmidim are tested, not only measuring understanding but concretely establishing retention, so that the talmidim remember what is learned.

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Current Programs:



Issur V'heter


Choshen Mishpat






Tevilas Kailim/Hechsher Kailim


Harav Aharon Schenkolewski
Rosh Hayeshiva

Dayan Yitzchok Tzvi Oshinsky
Rav of Dayanus, Kiddushin, Choshen Mishpat and Aveilus Programs

Harav Dovid Ostroff
Rav of Shabbos and Eiruvin Programs

Rabbi Shmuel Simenowitz

R' Dovid Engel



Contact Information:

Phone number: 973-878-0142

Email address: info@iyunhalacha.org